This is a new section, where I plan to sell on some of my spares, at prices typically below Ebay, I can take VISA/MASTERCARD and I can assure you if you check my Ebay ID which is Mcgoohan you'll see only good feedback. Post included by RoyalMail anywhere in the world.

Also if anyone else wants to post things to sell, then let me know and I'll see about uploading the info.


PAL format only, I am working on NTSC. 11 GBP each.

Capt Clegg, aka Night Creatures, Hammer Horror's version of Dr Syn at the same time as disneys, maybe not as popular, but cult viewing and very rare !

complete with box cover artwork !


The cover is the actual copy you'd be buying, priced less than typical Ebay and far less than the dealers !

The Slype - Thorndike's crime masterpeice, concluding the story of Mipps and Syn within.
Florin Boks, there is an ink inscription inside dated 1933. Sure to become a classic ! the last line, of Dr Syn which states "Dymchurch shall see him no more " was right but for the lucky reader you will once again become aquainted !

No dust jacket, they rarely come with one, tight covers and pages great condition.

price 40 GBP

The Courageous Exploits of Dr Syn, Arrow paperback, 1972 edition. Great condition,m just a slight crease on front and rear covers, visible in scan to the left. No inscriptions, I have found this the hardest copy to get hold of, were fewer printed ?

price 20 GBP

Dr Syn on the High Seas , Arrow paperback, 1972 edition. Great condition, slight fade to the spine. No inscriptions, This book has always interested me as it was the last one thorndike wrote, but is the first in the series !

price 20 GBP

The Amazing Quest of Dr Syn Arow paperback, reading copy only, some idiot has written a price on the front cover of 5p, and the spine is damaged about half its length

price 10 GBP

Doctor Syn - Florin books, 1933 copy. No dust jacket as is usual with this copy. No inscriptions and undamaged. some fading and general dirt, but pages clean and undamaged.

price 60 GBP