Dr Syn Art


There are a few artists around who have done works relating to the Scarecrow theme. The one I always found when trawling the web was Wyeths, Dr Syn. I could never find this pcture, then one day on another search engine it popped up. Its a great piece., depicting the Syn as Clegg in the rear of his ship staring out to see, maybe afraid of all the skeletons in his cupboard ? I dont know I am no analyst.

Then there is the work of Terry Anthony, to the left and immediately below well known on the marsh and much publicised. These images here are from postcards availabe from shops and pubs all over the marsh itself.


Another Artist found on the web is Carl Vaulx, this is a piece of work from 1999, I guess done in Photoshop with layers, brilliant !

Then there is this box cover for the Clegg Film by Mark Counts, never finshed, but I guess you could make it life size and stick it on your video ?

This image has been created by Kingsley Wallis from the inner pages of the GoldKey comics

Mark Masztal


Mo Starkey


Paul Draper website