Herod's Peal

Russell Thorndike's Hored's Peal. If you like 'Bleak House' and 'Edwin Drood' and if you enjoy the early detective stories of J s fletcher, with their strange mix of local atmosphere and intense mystery, and above all i fyou have never read Russell Thorndike before, you have a great treat in store for you in 'Herod's Peal'. If on th eother hand you have read Mr thorndike's 'the Slype' you will rejoice in no uncertain fashion to find a new book from his pen. For here is Dulchester again, and the Dean, and the cathederal; Mr Macauley of Scotland Yard, too and a gloriously imagined plot, and a tremendous climax. Mr Thorndike makes the usal detective novel seem very thin and weak in comparison.
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Rich & Cowan