The House of Jeffreys

Set in 1880, this is a work in parallel to the play in which Sybil Thorndike played "Georgina Jeffreys". It was a race to complete this work against the play, The play won. It is a pschological study of a woman hauted since childhood by a sinister picture of judge Jeffreys which hangs in the House of Jeffreys , Bakery Street, London. She leaves london to take the bible to the cannibal tribes of the far world. After 30 years away she returns to take over the publishing business, bringing with her a converted cannibal, named Sabbath as her servant. In the full moon the old evil influences get the upper hand and was Georgina right in converting the cannibal, has she been perverted herself ?

read it and see !


Published by

Rich & Cowan 1942 ?