In The Steps of Shakespeare



Russell Thorndike, the eminent Shakespearean actor and novelist and creator of Dr Syn, takes you on a tour of scenes of Shakespeare's plays, and, of course, to Stratford and London. He evokes the Elizabethan setting and compares it with that of today. He does not set out to describe the places which Shakespeare may have visited himself, but rather those scenes in Britain he asks us to see in his plays. This is a travel book of unusual quality and a Shakespearean commentary of a new kind.

The original publication then called a Wanderer with Shakespeare coincided with the outbreak of war. This new and revised edition comes at a time when interest in Shakespeare's plays was never greater.

This book was part of a later series by Rich & Cowan, called "In the Steps of..", with a dozen titles by various authors. In this later edition there are  28 B&w illustrations, about 10 less than the first edition.


Published by

Rich & Cowan 1948