The Vandekkers

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THE VANDEKKERS, by RUSELL THORNDIKE, copyright 1930, D. Appleton and Company, New York; 337 pages;  approx. 5-1/4 inches by 7-1/2 inches. Hardback with Dust Jacket. The hard cover looks nice with only a little edge wear and slightly bumped corners. The inside of the book looks good. There is handwritten on first page: "To Mark From Mooch,  Christmas 1937." The Dust Jacket looks really good for its age, with a few "rublets," some little creases at top and bottom of  front, and small chips missing top and bottom of spine. See scans below.  

     From the DUST JACKET:    "Gripping in its mystery and quaintly exotic savor is this vigorous tale of eighteenth century adventure. Dan Vandekker, a  young Dutchman, journeys to a West Indian island to avenge two murders and rescue a girl from an unspeakable fate. He finds      there a quick reversal of fortune, also some of the most amazing characters that a stalwart young adventurer ever met with. An  evil though beautiful woman who lures her lovers to a horrible death; a Calibanish creature who rules a pack of hyenas; other figures, strange, eerie, fascinating, crowd the scene. Then above all, there is the lovable hero Dan Vandekker himself, who to support his claim and gain his end resorts to vivid invention, only to find that through his love for a charming girl his lies  invariably come true."

Published by

Appleton and Co. 1930