A Wanderer with Shakespeare

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This is the superbly illustrated version, published by Rich & Cowan 1946 ? There is a typo on the inner DJ cover with Thorndike being spelt without the final 'e'.

Whereas the famous Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare deals with the stories of the plays, this book deals with the individual scenes. It does not set out to describe the places whic Shakespeare may have visited, but rather those scenes he asks us to see in his plays. It is meant to be a pilgrimage to those localities in which his characters moved and talked, and to see them as they are to-day in comparison with what they were in the time of his writing.

Russell Thorndike is a leading authority on Shakespearian Drama, and has had a distinguished career as a Shakespearian sctor. His book will delight the general reader, as well as all students, school-teachers and school-children.

Published by

Rich & Cowan