Thorndike - Dr Syn books

Thorndike initially wrote a single book in 1915  Dr Syn , which was the entire story from birth to death. The scarecrow

was created and it was all based on life on the marshes. Such was the success of the book that some 20 years later,

six further books were written basically expanding the story and taking it effectively before  Dr Syn and then again to

death in the final book. I have all the books and several spare copies; I am not interested in selling them though.

Some of the books are quite rare now and I will put some info about each book in the sections below. I have asked

others I know who have an interest to review their favourite books. Where none are covered there is my review.

Click on the thumbnail book cover to go to the full size scan image or the text to link to the book review.


Dr Syn

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The Slype

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 Read Chapter 43 of Mipps His Story NOW




Dr Syn on the High Seas

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The Scarecrow Rides

The Scarecrow Rides (1935)  USA only. New cover shot supplied by the seller !


This is a very rare book on the Dial Press label, I just got outbid on ebay this week for it. Read the Sellers Review and decide this I think must be the Ultimate prize for Syn fans !.

Dr Syn Returns

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The Further Adventures of Dr Syn

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The Amazing Quest of Dr Syn

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amazing quest cover


The Courageous Exploits of Dr Syn

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The Shadow of Dr Syn

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