Comics relating to Dr Syn  


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These are the very popular GoldKey comics, released in 60's and again with slight cover changes in 70's. Typical price on Ebay seems to be 15 USD.



Captain Clegg from Twilight Zone

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This review is mine based on a quick read of the comic, not that you'd need much with only 9 pages. It's obviously is a spin off from the Disney theme and Captain Clegg is a notorious pirate. Who in this story is not the character portrayed in thorndike's books. He is the villan and the whole story evolves round a boy, lost at sea in a strange fog, when he comes through the fog, he is in 16th centuary england and Clegg has captured him. He is forced to become one of the crew on penalty of death and then, when Clegg finally decides it's time to bury his treasure and get rid of his crew, the boy is the only survivor. He escapes on one of Cleggs own long boats, then is resucued out of another fog by 20th centuary lads and after a spell in hospital where they assume he is delirious he escapes and collects the treasure !!  A good tale, using only the Clegg name. Not a patch on the Screcrow comics.


I have scanned this comic into a word doc, it is approx 23MB, if you would like it in CD format, let me know and I'll work out a small cost for packing and shipping to you.(about 5 USD)


Xenophile Comics

The Xenophile series were produced in 1974, probably co inciding with some re-releases of the disney film. the Comics cover a view by Nick Carr. It is well detaisled and the Syn Persona is analysed. I have reproduced the pages as JPG files. They com eout fine. To read, click on each thumb nail and you'll get a sizable image. Each is about 200kB, so they take a while to come down, but again they are rarish pieces so the wait will be worth while. If anyway can provide copies of issue 10 or 11 please let me know or have a photo copy to upload here.


Xenophile No. 7 1974 


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Xenophile No.9 1974


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 Xenophile No.10 1974