The electronic Books of Dr Syn

there are currently four providers of the electronic books. The original writer was Charles RL Power. He spent many
hours typing in by hand the books in the now defunct Envoy format. The limitation are the number of lines on printed matter,
I think the limit is less than ten. However they are all complete with one exception, I doubt Charles will ever finish the last one.

Then come Renaisance books, creating Dr Syn (1915) into a word document, which has now been updated to include just about every format you can think of.

Brooks and Knowles came up with a Word copy too,as despite many promises no other books have been converted from Envoy to word maybe I am wrong, come on guys give us more !

Then came the angel Connie Lewis. Connie is almost at the end of the greatest feat going. All seven books will have been keyed into Word format within 12 months. I have converted these to Adobe pdf format, which locks them from being modified, so no one else can benefit financially from her work, this was Connie's wish.

the books are becoming scarce and hard to locate at a decent price. Read each author works



Brooks and Knowles