Dr Syn Alias the Scarecrow (1963)

This film featuring Patrick Mc Goohan in the main role as Syn, is probably the best known of the three films(running time 129 minutes). It had a good cast and was originally a three part series for Disney TV in the USA.  It was later released as a single film in the USA (129 miutes), and rareer but still available on aution sites on PAL format from UK , (97 minutes). This is probably the best known of the Syn films with the Disney connection bringing it to many people worldwide. I have spoken to a few people who recall seeing it as it was originally broadcast in three instalments ( see links page for Tom Herings site) and all agreed it was best as a single film. Here are some images relating to the film. The film was released on Super 8 and VHS. These films are very much sought after and demand high prices at auction. I taped it from TV when it was on all be it the 97 minute versio, however now I have a fully edited 129 minute version with extra smuggling scenes. It was based on the book by Vic Crume, a fairly prolific writer of action adventure stories from 1970 to date. It is based on the combined work of William Buchannon with Thorndike in the book 'Christopher Syn'

This is a Walt Disney Home Video original. Starring Patrick McGoohan, George Cole, Tony Britton, Michael Hordern, Geoffrey Keen. Screenplay by Robert Westerby. Based on "Christopher Syn" by Russell Thorndike and William Buchanan. Co-producer: Bill Anderson. Directed by James Neilson. The year is 1736, and rebellion rolls across the English Countryside as the peasants of Dymchurch parish struggle under the strain created by King George III's oppressive taxes. To crush the resistance of the local commoners, the tyrannical General Pugh (Geoffrey Keen) is dispatched to the area, where he begins a reign of terror. But, from his refuge in the swamps of Romney Marsh, the parish vicar Dr. Syn (Patrick McGoohan), disguised as "The Scarecrow," rides with his courageous band of smugglers to the defense of the hard-pressed farmers and villagers. Swashbuckling deeds and explosive action highlight this classic Disney tale of intrigue and adventure.

Download the 3 minutes 35Mb MPEG of the 8mm B&W Cine classic !!! I recorded it in 1024 x 768 mode so it should be ok full screen - enjoy it as most havent seen it