Publicity Manual Captain Clegg / Night Creatures






This is the official Hammer Horror publicity manual prepared by Dennison Thornton, Press & Publicity Agents in December 1961. As you can see from the image to the left the Captain Clegg title, was provisional only, and only to be used in Europe in the end. It covers all parts of the build up to the film, collecting stills and marketing these, along with starbiographies of, Cushing, Romain, Reid, Allen, Lodge, Anderson, Reed and Osborn.

The story is told over a few pages pages, and covers the meeting between Dr Blyss (Syn) and the Mulatto then the quiet vilage life and how the smuggling is going on under the noses of the Kings men. On to discovering Blyss is Clegg and death !

Helen Cushing is interviewed, or rather not interviewed, as despite the PR people's goading she refuses to discuss her film career before marrying Peter.

In the book Cushing is quoted as saying " For years I have nutured a secret ambintion to play a pirate on the screen" perhaps this is why he personlly wrote the screen play, which was never taken up ?

An interview with Bob Head, stuntman is revealing that he playing in many films as a stunt to the stars, but despite being being 6'3", he only weighed 14 stone, as he lost a leg at Dunkirk ! I'll have to watch for that bit in the film where he goes off the cliff to see it ! The following five pictures are from inside this publicity manual.

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