Captain Clegg aka Night Creatures

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Captain Clegg (1962) & Night Creatures

This is the Hammer Films remake with peter Cushing as Clegg. Thorndike had originally sold the right to London Films for a pittance and when Hammer bought London Films they had the rights to Dr Syn. The film was re-titled as Night Creatures in 1970 . In 1972 Cushing produced his own version of a sequel, but it never got produced. the scripts are for sale below (see details)

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"1792 - The Romney Marshes - flat and desolate - was the land of a proud and independent people. Their shores faced the shores of France - and many was the shipload of wine and brandy smuggled across the sea in defiance of the king's revenue men. Many legends have come from this corner of England - but none so widely believed or widely feared - as the legend of the Marsh Phantoms - who rode the land on dark misty nights - and struck fear into the hearts of all who crossed their paths....."
Captain Collier and his men arrive in the village of Dymchurch following a tip-off that the place is a hive of smuggling activity, but the villagers have been forewarned of their approach and they find nothing. The village has all the outward appearance of rural respectability and at its heart is the affable, ever-gracious figure of the local rector, Dr. Blyss. In the tiny churchyard is the grave of Captain Clegg, a notorious pirate hanged for his crimes. But Collier's suspicions are aroused further when a mulatto, whose tongue was cut out by Clegg, reacts violently on seeing the familiar features of the rector


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  The old Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow story, given the Hammer treatment. Also known in the U.S. as Night Creatures, and not also known as Dr. Syn, incidentally, because Disney had already acquired the rights to that novel (and hence, title) for a competing version of the same story. Captain Clegg is a direct remake of the 1936 film version, not the original novel. Pictured here is the German poster, which translates as The Captain Clegg Gang. As late as 1972, Cushing had an interest in remaking this story
"...I enlisted Peter's help to re-write the script to keep the basic idea...without breaching Disney's copyright....[I grew] to admire his classical mind and gift for creating plot and dialogue. It was this that gave his performances such distinction...He prepared his character very thoroughly before shooting... I always remember Peter's enormous enthusiasm, energy and awareness of what he was doing."  Peter Graham Scott, director


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 [Night Creatures/Capt Clegg] Dr. Syn and Awaiting Revenge

Two versions of an original screenplay by Cushing himself. [hammer films ltd], 1961. the screenplay of Hammer's production of Capt Clegg (brit title) of Night Creatures (US title) is credited to John Elder (Anthony Hinds) and Barbera S. Harper based on the Dr Syn novels of Russell Thorndike. It is well known that Peter Cushing was very interested in the quality of the screen plays for the film productions in which he was involved. It was unknown until now that he had written his own complete version of a screen play as a sequel to the Dr Syn project. Presented here are 2 Cushing versions. One is a coplete 31 page densely worded, typed draft on a legal-size sheets entitled 'Dr Syn' written by him in 1961. the other is a quarto-sized notebook is doing a new remake of the story. This notebook draft is handwritten in ink containing literally hundreds of words in Cushing's own own hand. In the finished film Cushing plays and 18th centuary English vicar ia a small coastal village noted for its trade in smuggling liquor. Unbeknown to the vilages, Cushing is actually a famous pirate who lives a dual life using the smuggling as a way to help benefit his village.

Awaiting Revenge (1972)

An unproduced remake, or perhaps sequel, to Captain Clegg.. It appears that Cushing had as much input in the writing of this scenario as he had in the 1962 version.

Night Creatures Click HERE to View 41 secs Now available a short excerpt of the Hammer Night Creatures, more to follow....