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The single from the Film was available only on 45rpm. I dont have a copy of this, but keep bidding on ebay only to be beaten. The main reason I dont want to pay too much is how can I play it !!


The soundtrack to the movie is also available on a CD called The Films of Gerard Schurmann (Cloud Nine Records CNS 5005). I have a copy as it seems to be unavaiable now ! Its a compilation album. Track 7 Smugglers Rapsody is the one from Dr Syn , about 7 minutes long. I will convert it to WAV and MP3 this month (nov) I tried to buy it through the web but the last copy had just gone ! You can work out the tune is that of the Sea Shanty the press gang sing in the film " A Roving-a-Roving"........

WWW of Gerard Schurman

NEW !! MP3 of Smugglers Rapsody from Disney Film 8MB !! I'll work on reducing the quality a bit and do a low res version. 9 minutes long. Update, I've had to move this this file temporarily as it took me over my web allowance. its on my work site now.




MP3 file of 45 rpm Scarecrow Song  2.5Meg bytes good sound

.WAV file tiny 200K different background music ? 


I have finally got a copy of this. thanks to Julian Lewis for spotting its' whereabouts.

This opera, specially written for schools to perform, was commisioned by Kent Opera with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Dr Syn , a tale of Romney Marsh in the 1770s freely based on the story and characters created by Russell Thorndike. Libretor by Johanna Platt, and Music by Adrian Cruft. It is an opera in three acts, for 12 soloists, SATB chorus, Piano (doubling electric organ) and percussion. It was first performed on November 16th to 19th, 1963 at The Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford Kent. the producer was Mary Forey, Designers:Roger Butlin and Chris Daynes. The Pianist: James Fehr. Conductor John Hall.

Synopsis: In the late 18th century, the Kentish coast was a smugglers' paradise. Profits were great, revenue ships too few and in many of the towns and villages the entire populace was involved in the business of sending wool to France and bringing brandy and tobacco back. This opera deals with one such village. Into the quiet Sunday of Dymchurch march English sailors, led by Captain Collyer the coast agent, sent to catch the smugglers of the marsh. They are received at the inn by Mrs Waggetts the landlady, Imogene her helper, the Squire and his shy son Denis, the physician Mr Pepper, and the much loved vicar Dr Syn. the are watched by the potboy jerry who saves up his hard earnings to build a gallows for his detested schoolmadter Mr Rash. Gradually, over the next two days, much more is uncovered than was looked for - a host of phantoms, two murders, attempted treachery and a dead man who dies a second time. onmly at the end are the all the mysteries unravelled so that Captain Collyer can depart, the villagers can return to the farms - and Mr Mipps' coffin shop can be closed.

Act I -

Sunday , the hour of Evensong, the Ship Inn circa 36 minutes

Act II -

Scene 1- Sunday night, outside Mr Rash's house circa 11 minutes

Scene 2 - Monday, first light, on the quayside circa 15 minutes

Scene 3 - Monday evening, at Mr Mipps' house circa 16 minutes

Act II

Tuesday afternoon, the village square changing to the interior of the church. circa 26 minutes

total duration (without intervals circa 1 3/4 hours)

The Cast



The Gentry


Sir Anthony Cobtree, the Squire


Denis Cobtree, his son


Dr Syn, the Vicar

Bass Baritone

Mr Pepper, the physicain



The Villagers

MrRash, the school master


Mr Mipps, sexton and coffin maker


Mrs Waggetts, landlady of the Ship inn

Limited Broken voice

Village Woman

Mezzo Soprano

Churus of Villagers

Chorus of Demons


The Sailors

Captain Collyer




Dumb Man


Chorus of Sailors


The StomachMouths. Read all about them here

Mp3 audio file here called Dr Syn !

heres an email rely from the Stomachmouths drummer !

Hello Jules! Im the drummer from that band and it was me and the singer Stefan Kery who wrote the text and named the song "dr Syn". We had the music but no title and not the text. We found something in Stefans books about diffirent movies(hes a filmfreak) and it was about this dr Syn-movie. So you can say we were inspired from the movie whithout seeing it. Martin Skeppholm.


This is the original disc used to promote the disney Film on local radio, as you can see the advert didnt last long ! this cam eup on Ebay recently, but the seller woldnt ship outside the USA ! Shame

American band Warfare certainly got a good start with their Hammer House renditions. Thanks to Mark Counts for this one. If you look at the sleeve notes, there is even a dedication from Chritopher Lee, I doubt if he ever heard the music its a bit like Napalm Death ! I hope to get a .wav file soon from states of it .