Dr Syn Plays

The recent play by J Michael Fields, went down a storm on the marsh. Played in local churches.

This play though was special though, as, in the original by Russell Thorndike, Russell Played the title role of the good Dr Syn. In this 2001 production, Dr Syn was played by Daniel Thorndike, Russell's son. The play was a sell-out on every night. I wish I could have got to see it, but I heard about it too late and all tickets had gone. There is no video and due to Disney pressure, none will ever come from this. Michael had to promise that it would not go beyond Churches and would be strictly 'Amateur' although Mr Fields is an accomplished actor and so are several of the cast.

This is the poster from the show Promo and I will be including some local newspaper copy, when I have been able to put it through the OCR machine.