Dr Syn Updates

This is just to let regular viewers know whats been added and coming up . now changed the list order recent first !!


October 24th 2002 Quick update on some more artists,

  • have Paul Drapers drawing work and
  • Larry Greens re-productions on the Scarecrow masks, trully excellent you may have seen these on Ebay recently
  • fixed the music link on warfare

October 17th 2002, it hasnt been this long but I sort of forgot the house keeping !

  • 5th book from the Lewis & McCleary E-stable, Further adventures under E-books
  • Thorndike others 3 new books, "house of Jeffreys", "water witch" and "six against the yard"
  • Music section check band Warfare's tribute to hammer horror with a C.Lee dedication !
  • New Review by the brilliant Jon Older of Christopher Syn, read in in William Buchanan's section under books

December 8th 2001, hmm, I seem to have lost the original updates file, but
here are the most recent changes.
Added new look 3rd one
added a new Dr Syn hardback cover scan
added soundtrack at start, you can play when ever you want using play after it
first loads, its cut down but quick to load.
added - thorndikes other works updates 6 against the yard and Herod's Peal
added some more Thorndike's Syn book covers courtesy Allen Ellis
added new record cover in Music section
added hammer mag new review
added 4 sale section
added kingsley wallis figures section
added some more comments in Input section

1st November 2000, updated and improved look of site,
easier to navigate now too.

1st sept added new section covering other works of russell thorndike28th August,
added links to Tom Hering and Matthew Courtman great site, Disney Scarecrow
and Mcgoohan dangerman respectively.

7th August, added new section in hamer horror section of films, reviewing the official
hammer horror publicity manual, a few still shots etc.

also have now made contact with Russell Thorndike's Grandson and he has agreed to
answer a few questions on the books and other bits and pieces. this is see as a major bit of news.
23rd July, added two 'comic' type book reviews. These are the Xenophile series. I picked
up on ebay last year, missing the final issue though ! no.10 or 11.

also added some extra book cover scans of thorndike paperbacks.

7th July, eddie, the seller of Scarecrow rides in USA, just got another copy this time with
a dust jacket, and it is superb, some people have all the luck !

5th july, added correction to the Scarecrow Rides book date and name, no ref to Again !
. I had a good email from the original ebay seller and I hope to have a photo of the DJ soon

Added Dr syn returns new cover scan arrow paper back

20th june added review on rare book scarecrow rides again under thorndike books,

added new dr syn returns book scan too in same section

16th June 2000

added USA library link to Christopher Syn, it exists ! though I stil havent got a copy
. Also see link to other thorndike works

Added Wav file to title page, now it loads and plays !

20 April added chapter43 Mipps his Booke in the Slype Review read it now !!

13 April added Dr Syn book covers to thorndike books section

10 april added charles power's Shadow envoy files under 'BOOKS'

10 april added new audio file for scarecrow song, it was corrupted before

10 april added Clive Griffiths general book review in l

28/03/00 added different version of Scarecrow Disney theme tune

28/03/00 added review of the captain clegg comic story from Twilght Zone

10/03/00 added drsyn jpegs from Clive Griffiths, see Thorndike Books section
06/3/00 added new image for Australian Captain Clegg film poster

02/3/00 added Willian Buchanan book update - thanks to Barry Marsh

24/2/00 added the mp3 of syn scarecrow from     1963                                                                                            

22/2/00 added paul roland lyrics under music section

17/2/00 added this updates option link, link to the Briggs web page, Dr Syn
film review by Tom Matthes

16/2/00 added high seas book by Charles Power